Winchester Day Trip from London

Winchester is a day trip from London that is easy to do and well worth the visit. Traveling to Winchester by train is the easiest way to get there from London, and once you’re in Winchester there are a lot of activities and sights to keep you busy.

Winchester is a day trip from London that is ideal for those that like to see historic sights as well as those that enjoy outdoor activities. Winchester is home to The Great Hall, which houses King Arthur’s Round Table, as well as the Winchester Cathedral, which boasts of having the longest nave in Europe. Winchester is also the burial place of Jane Austen, and visitors can see the house where she spent her final weeks.

For those that like outdoor activities, Winchester is the start of the South Downs Way, a 100-mile hiking trail that runs from Winchester to Eastbourne.

A short distance from Winchester is Chawton, where visitors can the house where Jane Austen lived when she wrote several of her novels. The town is an easy bus trip from Winchester.






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