Lakes in kenya

Lake Sonachi, Kenya

Located near Lake Naivasha in Kenya, Lake Sonachi is a crater lake of volcanic origin known for its bright green color and large flamingo population. Lake Sonachi is cut deep in a crater basin with high walls where the lake was carved into the earth.
Lake Simbi, Kenya
Lake Simbi in Kenya is located 1 km south of the Nyanza Gulf of Lake Victoria. Lake Simbi is a volcanic lake that is known for birding. The lake is home to a large flamingo population and it has a path around it for visitors to walk on.
Lake Oloidien, Kenya
Located near Kenya’s Lake Naivasha is Lake Oloidien. Smaller and less touristed, Lake Oloidien is a great destination for travelers wanting to get away from the crowds.

Lake Oloidien was once part of Lake Naivasha but is now its own lake. It is known for the thousands of flamingos at Lake Oloidien that feed on organisms in the water. Known as ‘lesser’ flamingos, they are a threatened species.






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