Top Places to Visit in Morocco

When planning your first trip to Morocco, there are a lot of options for where you can go. While the best cities to visit are in traveling distance from one another, keep in mind that distances can be far and transportation is not always fast, clean, or reliable. With that said, the top places to visit in Morocco are:

Marrakech – With the bustling Medina and busy souks, Marrakech is sure to keep your senses stimulated for your entire stay.

Fez – The cultural capital of Morocco won’t disappoint with its beautiful architecture.

Essaouira – This seaside town is a great retreat from the heat of the desert.

Atlas Mountains – High above the desert, the Atlas Mountains are a beautiful place to camp or drive.

Casablanca – Famous for the movie by the same name, Casablanca is an amazing city and well worth a visit.