Top 10 Things to Do on the Ile de Goree

The Ile de Goree is one of the best places to visit in Senegal, and is certainly the highlight of a trip to Dakar.

Below is a list of the top 10 things to do on the Ile de Goree:

10. Get lost in the small, narrow streets of the Ile de Goree

9. Go shopping for local art and souvenirs in the markets

8. Visit the Church of Saint Charles and the mosque on the island

7. Hike up to the castle for great views of Dakar

6. Visit the fort museum on the top of the island

5. Go to the Museum of the Sea

4. Visit the History Museum to learn about the Ile de Goree’s role in Senegalese history

3. Have coffee or dinner at one of the sea front cafes by the ferry port

2. Photograph the brightly colored buildings and flowers near the fort

1. Visit the powerful Slave Museum on the Ile de Goree to learn about Senegal’s role in the historic slave trade







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