Lake Baringo Kenya

Lake Baringo is a 130 sq/km lake located in Kenya’s Rift Valley. It is the northernmost lake in the valley and is accessible from Lake Nakuru and Nairobi.

The freshwater Lake Baringo is known for its myriad bird species and is a great place to visit for any avid birdwatcher. From flamingos to storks, from pelicans to cormorants, Lake Baringo has a lot of birdlife.

Additionally, Lake Baringo has its share of fish and crocodiles as well as hippos. Visitors to Lake Baringo can take boats out on the water to see the various species that live within the lake.

The traditional home of the Njemps tribe, Lake Baringo’s Ol Kokwe Island is located at the center of the lake. Visitors to Lake Baringo can rent boats at Kampi-Ya-Samaki to visit the island.

Accommodation at Lake Baringo is most easily found on the western side of the lake at Kampi-Ya-Samaki. There are hotels and campsites there, and it makes a good base for exploring the lake.