Best Day Trips from Tunis

There are some great day trips from Tunis if you have time to explore the surrounding area while visiting Tunisia.

One of the best day trips is to visit the ancient ruins of Carthage. Located just a short train or taxi ride away from the Tunis city center, Carthage is full of great archaeological sites and historical treasures. The ruins are spread over a vast area, and deserve a full day to be explored.

To get around to the various sites in Carthage, you can take the train or a taxi. If you are in the area at lunchtime, don’t miss the chance to try the excellent cuisine on the balcony of the Philipe Strack Villa Didon, which has great views over the sea below.

Another great day trip from Tunis is Sidi Bou Said. The town is picture pretty with its iconic blue and white buildings. You can get there by train or taxi from Tunis, and climb the hill up to the town. From there you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

While visiting Sidi Bou Said, make sure to visit the shops to look at the handicrafts and pick up souvenirs for family and friends back home. There are also great cafes and restaurants in Sidi Bou Said where you can enjoy a lunch or coffee break while on your day trip from Tunis.






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