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  • Best Day Trips from Marrakech

    There are some great day trips from Marrakech that are worth doing if you have time while you are visiting Morocco. Just outside of Marrakech in the Ourika Valley. The area’s greenery provides a stark contrast to the dry land around the city. Its water source is from the Atlas Mountains, which tower above the […]

  • Best Hotels in Casablanca

    The best hotels in Casablanca can be found in various locations across the city. Some are situated along the famous Boulevard de la Corniche, and others are in the heart of the city center. While there are some excellent choices for accommodation in Casablanca, there are two particular hotels that I consider to be the […]

  • Trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains

    Many visitors to Morocco take trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. Given the proximity of the mountains to the city, it is an easy trip and makes for a great escape from the bustle of the souks and the medina. There are several ways to take trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. These […]

  • Riad Edward, Marrakech

    Riad Edward in Marrakech is located in the Zaouia quarter of the Medina, near the Djemaa el Fna square. Riad Edward is notable for its beautiful original tile work, carved wood, and sculptures. Riad Edward has a large central courtyard with a plunge pool as well as a roof deck with stunning views of Marrakech […]

  • Djemaa el Fna Marrakech

    The most famous place in Marrakech is definitely the Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech’s main square. At the heart of the city center, the Djemaa el Fna is wide and bustling with food vendors, snake charmers, restaurants, and visitors and locals alike. Stop by the Djemaa el Fna during the day to try some fresh-squeezed orange […]

  • Top Places to Visit in Morocco

    When planning your first trip to Morocco, there are a lot of options for where you can go. While the best cities to visit are in traveling distance from one another, keep in mind that distances can be far and transportation is not always fast, clean, or reliable. With that said, the top places to […]

  • Amanjena Hotel Marrakech

    For high-end luxury in Marrakech, nothing tops the Amanjena Hotel. Located a short drive from the city center in a larger-than-life complex, the Amanjena Hotel is a resort haven. Relax by one of the swimming pools, get a massage at the world-class spa, or enjoy a cocktail while listening to live music at the bar. […]

  • Gnawa and World Music Festival in Essaouira

    2008 Gnawa and World Music Festival dates are June 26-29, 2008 The Gnawa and World Music Festival in Essaouira, Morocco is an annual music festival that celebrates music from all over the globe. The festival, which takes place every year in June, is one of the most popular music festivals in Africa. Now in its […]

  • Best Time of Year to Visit Morocco

    Morocco is great for visiting during most of the year, but there are better times to go for several reasons: the weather gets very hot during the summer and the tourists get very crowded during several weeks of the year. The best time of year to visit Morocco is during the fall, winter, or spring. […]

  • Morocco Hammams

    Hammams are traditional baths in Morocco. Locals and visitors alike enjoy relaxing and bathing in hammams, and it is easy to schedule an appointment for other treatments as well. Morocco hammams range from very basic to very luxurious, so visitors have their choice in what kind of hammam suits them best. Many hotels and riads […]