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  • 10 Attractions To See in Cape Town

    Cape Town is one of the most scenic place in Africa.  Known as the quintessential melting pot: Cape Town is a city alive with creativity, colour, sounds and tastes. Many travelers who have visited South Africa have fallen in love with the city’s natural beauty, creative freedom and incredible spirit. When visiting this second most […]

  • Madagascar Currency

    The Madagascar currency is called the Malagasy ariary. The country’s currency used to be the Malagasy franc, but it was officially replaced by the ariary in 2005. Madagascar is the only country that uses the ariary for its currency. The Malagasy ariary’s ISO code is MGA. Its abbreviation is Ar. Each airary consists of five […]

  • Trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains

    Many visitors to Morocco take trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. Given the proximity of the mountains to the city, it is an easy trip and makes for a great escape from the bustle of the souks and the medina. There are several ways to take trips from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. These […]

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Tunis

    Often overlooked by visitors on their way to Tunisia’s other top places to visit, Tunis is worth a few days to explore. Here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Tunis: 10. Admire the monumental Bab el Bahr, or Porte de France, the arch that separates French Tunis from the medina […]

  • Top 5 Things to Do in Dakar

    There is no shortage of things to keep people busy in Dakar when they are visiting Senegal. Here are is my list of the top 5 things to do in Dakar: 1. Take a ferry to the Ile de Goree. The beautiful architecture and rich history of the island make it one of the top […]

  • Visiting Tunisia Star Wars Filming Locations in Tunisia

    Avid Star Wars fans know that there are many Star Wars filming locations in Tunisia. Many of the scenes from the six films were shot in the desert regions in the country. When you are visiting Tunisia, you can go to a lot of the places where the movies were filmed and see things like […]

  • Best Day Trips from Tunis

    There are some great day trips from Tunis if you have time to explore the surrounding area while visiting Tunisia. One of the best day trips is to visit the ancient ruins of Carthage. Located just a short train or taxi ride away from the Tunis city center, Carthage is full of great archaeological sites […]

  • Masai Mara, Kenya

    Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve (also called Maasai Mara Game Reserve) is one of the world’s most popular African safari destinations. The Masai Mara is known for its vast land and numerous animal populations, including lions, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, zebras, deer, wildebeests, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, and others.

  • Crime in Nairobi

    Nairobi, Kenya’s crime rate has been rising steadily over the past two decades. Visitors to Nairobi should be careful to avoid dangerous areas and should be alert to avoid muggings and robbery. Protect yourself from credit card fraud by making sure you get receipts for all transactions. Only use licensed taxis and car hires and […]

  • South Downs Way Trail from Winchester

    Finding the South Downs Way trail from Winchester city center can be a bit confusing. The trail is not well-marked, so if you don’t know where you’re headed, it can be difficult to find. To get to the South Downs Way trail from Winchester, find the High Street in Winchester. Facing east, walk along the […]