Le Village des Tortues in Senegal

The Village des Tortues in Senegal is a great place to see the country’s wide variety of turtles all in one place.

Located a short distance from the capital in Sangalkam, Le Village des Tortues is around a 30 to 35km drive from the city center. It is easily reachable by taxi from the city, and makes for a great day trip from Dakar.

The Village des Tortues in Senegal is spread out across several acres of land. Turtles live in enclosures, usually with two to 10 turtles in each one. There are also several areas for visitors to view baby turtles and very small turtles.

Conservation and repopulation work takes place at the village, and it is not uncommon to see teams of international researchers measuring, weighing, and studying the various turtle populations there.

Visitors can get an information pamphlet at the entrance after paying the entry fee. After that you can follow a guided path around Le Village des Tortues in Senegal to see all of the wildlife.






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