Trains from Tunis to Carthage

Carthage Train Tracks

Trains from Tunis to Carthage are one of the best options for transportation between the two cities.

Taking the local TGM train from Tunis to Carthage is a great experience.

The train leaves from Tunis Marine TGM station in the Ville Nouvelle, right at the end of Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

Trains leave Tunis Marine train station every 15 minutes.

It takes around 25 minutes to get to Carthage Hannibal, the main station of the six train stations for Carthage.

Trains that run along the route from Tunis to Carthage are old and worn.

However, the trip is a good way to experience the local transport and offers great views over the water.

Train tickets from Tunis to Carthage cost around 2 dinars.

You can travel first or second class, although there isn’t much difference between the two.

How to Get from Tunis to Carthage

Tunis Train Station

There are several different ways to get from Tunis to Carthage.

The easiest way to get between the two cities is to take a taxi.

The most economical way to get from Tunis to Carthage is to take the TGM train.

See the posts below for details on the different ways to get from Tunis to the ruins of Carthage nearby.

Taxis to Carthage

Trains to Carthage

Tunisia Tour Package Deals and Discounts

Tunis Clocktower

Tunisia tours are one of the most popular ways to visit Tunis and other parts of Tunisia.

With features like golden deserts, the ruins of Dougga, the Star Wars filming locations, and beautiful whitewashed towns like Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia tours offer a great way to see the best Tunisian coastline and desert in one trip.

Tunisia tours vary from large bus tours to smaller private tours, and the length of time of Tunisia tours differs depending on where you would like to go and how much time you have to visit Tunisia. Most tours last from a few days to two or three weeks.

Whichever Tunisia tour itinerary you choose, you will see some of Tunisia’s most famous sites and historic towns.

Some Tunisia tours are tour packages that include flights, transportation from Tunis airport, hotels, and guided tours. Other tour packages only include some of those things, with other parts of the trip coming at an additional cost.

Whatever Tunisia tour you choose for your holiday in Tunisia, you can either book your tour through a tour operator or make a direct booking yourself. Either way, make sure to shop around for Tunisia tour deals and compare what each tour package or independent tour includes.

Throughout the year there are various deals and discounts available for Tunisia tours, so do some research before you make a tour booking.