Dar es Salaam Airport Taxis

Dar es Salaam airport taxis are a good way to get from your Tanzania flight to your hotel or accommodation in the Dar es Salaam city center.

Airport taxis in Dar es Salaam can be found outside of the arrivals halls.

When you take a Dar es Salaam airport taxi, make sure to negotiate a price up front before getting into the car. Drivers will often quote you a “tourist price” at first, so spend some time haggling to bring the cost down.

Dar es Salaam airport taxis should cost around 15,000 Tanzanian shillings, depending on where your final destination is.

Best Time of Year to Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar Holiday

The best time of year to visit Zanzibar is from January through February and from June through October.

Located close to the equator, Zanzibar has a climate that follows a tropical pattern of dry seasons and wet seasons.

January and February usually experience a dry season and tend to be pleasant times of year to visit Zanzibar. Skies are clear and the temperatures are hot but bearable.

The main wet season in Zanzibar generally lasts from March through May. The climate experiences high humidity and hot temperatures (in the 30’s C / 80’s F). During this time of year in Zanzibar there are heavy rains, usually in the afternoons and at night.

The main dry season in Zanzibar generally lasts from June through October. The humidity drops, the skies are generally clear, and the temperatures moderate. Depending on where you stay, these months are the best time of year to visit Zanzibar.

November and December experience a second short wet season, although the rains are not as heavy as they are during the main wet season earlier in the year.

Swimming with Dolphins in Kizimkazi


Many people visiting Zanzibar head to Kizimkazi to swim with dolphins. In fact, Kizimkazi is best known for being the place to go swimming with dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins in Kizimkazi costs around $20 USD and can be done by embarking from Kizimkazi or by taking a boat from Stone Town to Kizimkazi (the latter costs 2000 TZS and takes around 1.5 hours).

The best way to get the most out of swimming with dolphins in Kizimkazi is to arrive as early as possible in the morning. This is because the area gets very crowded and there are many boats chasing after the dolphins by 7am.

To avoid the crowds, stay overnight at a hotel in Kizimkazi and take a boat at 5:30am from the shore in Kizimkazi. You will get to the area where the dolphins swim at around 6:00am and have around 30-45 minutes to go swimming with the dolphins before the crowds arrive from Stone Town.