Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town is the main city on Zanzibar island in Tanzania. Although small in size, Zanzibar’s Stone Town is rich in culture and history, and is a beautiful place to explore.

Visitors can wander through Stone Town’s narrow, crooked streets, stopping to browse local artisans’ shops or to sip tea in an open-air cafe. Water enthusiasts can visit Stone Town’s beach or sail in a dhow in the Indian Ocean.

There is no shortage of restaurants in Stone Town, including the outdoor beach-front restaurant at the Tembo House Hotel in Stone Town.

For those interested in the history of Zanzibar, visitors can view part of the old Zanzibar slave market, which was sadly once a vital part of Zanzibar’s economy.

Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge, Zanzibar

Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge in Zanzibar

Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge in Zanzibar
Address: Chuini Ruins/Bububu, Box 4747, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (0) 777 45 48 92

Zanzibar’s Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge is located on the west coast of Zanzibar, about 12km from Stone Town.

Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge offers private bungalows and spa treatments, and is located right on a secluded beach.

The Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge’s restaurant serves up fresh cuisine on its beautiful beach-front outdoor dining area.

Owners Fritz and Rose are kind and helpful in setting up trips to town and tours of the island.

Room rates at the Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge range from $65 to 130USD per person per night (double room including breakfast), depending on the season.