Les Collines de Niassam Lodge in Senegal

Les Collines de Niassam

Les Collines de Niassam Lodge
Address: Palmarin Ngallou, BP 08 JOAL – Senegal
Phone: +221 77 639 06 39

Les Collines de Niassam Lodge in Palmarin is one of the best hotels in Senegal.

Located in the Palmarin Nature Reserve at the southern tip of the Petie Cote and just above the Sine-Saloum Delta and the border with The Gambia, Les Collines de Niassam Lodge is an excellent luxury eco resort and a great place to base yourself during your holiday in Senegal.

Les Collines de Niassam Lodge is unique in that all of its rooms are stand-alone bungalows. Some are located on the ground, while others are tree houses or over-lagoon bungalows. The unique experience of staying in one of the tree houses at Les Collines de Niassam is highly recommended.

Apart from the rooms, Les Collines de Niassam Lodge offers a small central lobby building, a pool with lounge chairs, a lagoon with boats, and beautiful grounds.

Les Collines de Niassam is situated on a large lagoon and is a short 1km walk from the beaches on the Atlantic coast of Senegal.

Activities such as night hyena drives, river safaris, nature walks, Senegalese dancing, massage, and more are available through the hotel and local tour operators in Senegal.

The restaurant at Les Collines de Niassam offers a choice of indoor or outdoor seating, and breakfast can be served in your room or at the restaurant. The food is excellent and the chef specializes in French-African cuisine.

Room rates at Les Collines de Niassam Lodge start at 90 euros per person per night (half board). Discounts are available for families.

Flights to Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis, Senegal

Flights to Saint Louis, Senegal run from several other countries and cities.

Saint Louis airport (XLS) is an airport in northern Senegal. The Saint Louis airport is small and there is limited demand for air travel to Saint Louis. As such, not all flights to Saint Louis depart and arrive every day.

There are flights to Saint Louis Senegal on the following airlines.

Air Senegal

Meridiana Airlines

Air France

Top 10 Things to Do in Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis is one of the most popular destinations for people visiting Senegal. High up in the northern part of the country near the border with Mauritania, Saint Louis is a colorful coastal city with a wealth of sights to see.

Below is my list of the top 10 things to do in Saint Louis.

10. Walk through the quiet streets of the islands in the old city

9. Have a meal or a drink at the famous Hotel de la Poste and recall the days when Saint Louis was an important stop on the international postal routes

8. Go for lunch, a swim, or a sundowner at the Hotel Mermoz on the peaceful southern tip of the Saint Louis island

7. Go shopping at the Sor market

6. Visit the massive fish market in Guet Ndar that gives Saint Louis its economic power (and its rather interesting smell)

5. Eat delicious fresh seafood

4. Take a day trip from Saint Louis to the Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj, the third largest bird sanctuary in the world

3. See live music at a bar or club at night

2. Walk though the tiny alleys of Guet Ndar to see how the locals live

1. Walk along the huge beach on the coast of the Langue de Barberie in Saint Louis