A turtle at Le Village des Tortues in Senegal
Le Village des Tortues

If you are visiting Senegal for more than a few days, there are some great day trips from Dakar that are worth doing.

One such trip is to Lac Rose, the famous pink lake. Lac Rose is located on the outskirts of Dakar and is a great place for boating, 4×4 riding, and other adventure sports.

It is also a nice place to enjoy a peaceful lunch or shop at many of the artisan craft stalls by the lake. It is easy to take a day trip from Dakar to Lac Rose if you have a rental car or if you hire a driver for the day.

Another good day trip is to Le Village des Tortues. Close to Lac Rose and Rufisque, the turtle village is located in Sangalkam, about 30 to 35km from Dakar. It is a great place to witness conservation and repopulation efforts of Senegalese wildlife. Visitors can follow a path that passes by all kinds of turtles, from massive old ones to tiny ones that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Closer to the city, the Ile de Goree makes for one of the best day trips from Dakar. It is the perfect place for history lovers and anyone that wants a peaceful escape from the bustle of the capital. Ferries run regularly between the mainland and the Ile de Goree, making it an easy trip.