Koutoubia Minaret
Koutoubia Minaret

The Koutoubia Minaret and its gardens are one of Marrakech’s most visible landmarks. Tall and visible from all over the city, the Koutoubia Minaret is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Marrakech.

Located a short distance from the Djemaa el Fna, the Koutoubia Minaret and adjacent gardens are well worth a visit.

The Koutoubia Minaret dates all the way back to the 12th century. The minaret is a beautiful and well-preserved example of Moorish architecture in Morocco.

In addition to being an iconic symbol of Marrakech, the Koutoubia Minaret is a helpful landmark for orienting oneself. It is especially helpful for those that get lost in the maze-like streets of the Marrakech souks.

While non-Muslim visitors are not allowed entrance into the mosque, the Koutoubia Minaret itself is worth seeing up close.