Lemur Tours in Nosy Komba

Lemur in Nosy Komba

Taking a lemur tour in Nosy Komba, Madagascar is one of the highlights of a trip to the northern part of the country.

As Nosy Komba is an island, you have to get to the lemur feeding area by boat. All boats pull up to the beach in the main town on Nosy Komba, where there are a few hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

On the main road above the beach, take a left and walk fifty meters or so until you come to some shops with a sign for feeing the lemurs. Pay the entry fee and you’ll be given a local guide to show you how to get to the lemurs. Follow your guide along the trail up the hill through the village.

The lemurs gather on a low branch of a tree, from which you can feed them bananas as they jump on your shoulder to eat. Make sure to not touch the lemurs, as they can bite or scratch and put you at risk of getting rabies.

Enjoy feeding the lemurs in Nosy Komba, then follow your guide on the rest of the tour of the flora and fauna of the island. You will see different types of trees, turtles, snakes, lizards, and other animals before you are guided back down the hill to where you started your lemur tour.

Lemur tours in Nosy Komba take around an hour and cost 2,000 ariary.

Diving in Madagascar

Diving in Madagascar

Diving in Madagascar’s Indian Ocean waters is a popular activity for visitors to the country.

Some of the best diving in Madagascar can be done in and around the Nosy Be area in northwestern Madagascar.

The areas around Nosy Be boast of clear water and a huge variety of marine life.

You can see over a thousand species of tropical fish, five different kinds of turtles, dozens of types of lobsters and crabs, over fifty species of shark, and an abundance of coral formations in Madagascar’s waters.

There are plenty of dive operators in Madagascar that can arrange diving tours.

All Madagascar hotels in the Nosy Be area have relationships with dive outfitters or resident dive guides that can take you diving in Madagascar.

Flights from London to Madagascar

Nosy Be Airport

There are currently no direct flights from London to Madagascar.

To get to Madagascar from London the best thing to do is to fly on Alitalia to Milan and then on Air Madagascar to Madagascar.

Alternately, you can fly on Air France to Paris and then from there fly on Air Madagascar to Madagascar.

Click here for more information about flying from Milan and here for more information about flying from Paris.

Another option is to fly from London to Johannesburg, from where you can take South African Air Link (operated by South African Airways) on a flight from Johannesburg to Antananarivo.