Is It Safe to Visit Madagascar?


After the political turmoil of the last few years, many people are asking themselves if it is safe to visit Madagascar. So, if you’re asking yourself “Is it safe to visit Madagascar?”, here is your answer: Yes. It is safe to visit Madagascar.

Madagascar’s political situation has been brought under control, and protests and violence in Antananarivo has been quelled.

The capital and the rest of the country are safe to visit.

People considering a Madagascar tour or holiday should not let safety concerns stop them.

Top Places to Visit in Madagascar


Madagascar may be an island, but it’s deceptively large and is in fact the fourth largest island in the world.

As such, it’s not possible to cover every one of the major sites in Madagascar on one trip unless you’re lucky enough to be on a very extended holiday.

Below is a list of some of the top places to visit in Madagascar.

Some are close together and can be done in a week’s trip, while others require long distance driving or far distances and should be undertaken on separate holidays to Madagascar.


Nosy Be

Nosy Komba

Diego Suarez

Avenue of Baobabs





Fort Dauphin

Best Place to Stay in Nosy Be

Best Place to Stay in Nosy Be
Andilana Beach, Nosy Be

The best place to stay in Nosy Be, Madagascar depends on what your interests are.

If you like a beautiful beach and lots of activity options, Andilana Beach is the best place to stay in Nosy Be.

The beach in Andilana is considered to be the best on the island, and there are tour operators offering every activity from pirogue tours to ATV rides.

There are numerous hotels in Andilana, so there’s no shortage of options for places to stay, and the town and beach both have a number of restaurants and shops.

If you want somewhere more secluded, the best places to stay in Nosy Be are away from the main resort areas.

There are private resorts all around Nosy Be where you can enjoy your holiday in seclusion.

If you want to be truly in the middle of it all, you can stay in Hellville, the main city in Nosy Be.

Hellville is a bustling port city that has restaurants, shops, and local businesses, but is not a beach destination or a particularly attractive city.

Nonetheless, Hellville is the best place to mix and mingle with the locals, and is the best place to stay if you want to immerse yourself in Malagasy culture or if you’re only in town for a day and want to take a boat to Nosy Komba for a lemur tour.