Chez Eugenie Hotel in Nosy Be

Chez Eugenie Hotel in Nosy Be is located on Andilana Beach, one of the best beaches in Nosy Be.

Chez Eugenie Hotel is situated off the main road from Hellville to Nosy Be in a small village.

The hotel is less than a five minute walk from Andilana Beach, the shops in Nosy Be, and the famous Chez Loulou restaurant.

Chez Eugenie is a lodge style building with an open room in the middle of the hotel and guest rooms coming off either side.

Meals can be eaten either in the lodge area or outside on the terrace.

The restaurant at Chez Eugenie is excellent, and the staff cook great local seafood dishes as well as French-inspired cuisine.

The five guest rooms at Chez Eugenie are small but clean and have large, comfortable beds. Rooms have ensuite bathrooms and rustic open shower areas.

There is not always hot water at Chez Eugenie, but the weather can be so warm that it isn’t a problem.

Chez Eugenie room rates are 40 euros for the first night and 35 for subsequent nights. Payment is cash only. Euros, dollars, and ariary are all accepted.