Nairobi Airport ATMs

Nairobi Airport

Nairobi airport ATMs are plentiful, as are cash points. You can use ATM and debit cards from all over the world to get Kenyan money upon arrival at Nairobi airport.

There are several ATMs in the arrivals hall of Nairobi airport. These include a Barclays ATM, which is located in the arrivals hall of the airport. There are also ATMs inside of the airport terminals.

Most ATMs in Nairobi airport charge a small fee for using foreign ATM or debit cards.

Your bank will normally charge you a nominal fee for withdrawing foreign currency from Nairobi airport ATMs.

Left Luggage at Nairobi Airport

There is a left luggage office at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The facilities for left luggage at Nairobi Airport are located in the domestic terminal.

If you enter the departures area of the domestic terminal of Jomo Kenyatta Airport, the left luggage and bag storage office is to your left in the back corner of the room.

The left luggage office at Nairobi Airport operates 24 hours a day.

It charges left luggage and bag storage fees on a per-bag basis.

Best Hotels in Lamu

Baitil Aman Guest House in Lamu

The best hotels in Lamu are located in both Lamu Town and Shela.

With tourism as the major industry in Lamu, there is no shortage of hotels and guest houses on the island.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the best hotels in Lamu.

The hotels and guest houses vary in price and location, but they are all high quality and provide comfortable accommodation in Lamu.

Baitil Aman Guest House in Lamu

Kijani House Hotel in Lamu

Peponi Hotel in Lamu

Msafini Hotel in Lamu