Crocodiles in Kenya

When booking a safari in Kenya, many visitors want to find the best Kenya safari tour company for their budget.

There are many safari companies to choose from in Kenya, but not all are reliable.

You can work with an international safari tour company or a local one, but make sure that you shop around to get the best prices and best quaily service.

Below is a list of some of the best Kenya safari tour companies.

MICS Safaris

MICS Safaris is a good, consistently reliable tour operator. They offer competitive prices for Kenya safaris and services are great.

Kuldips Touring Co.

Kuldips Touring Co. is a great family-run Kenyan safari tour company. The patriarch of the family was an early safari pioneer. Kuldips Touring Co. is still in the family and provides great safari services.

Asili Adventure

Asili Adventure is a great Kenya safari tour company. Joyce is great to work with when you are making your reservations. Joseph, the driver, is fantastic, and Migwi, the cook, is experienced and makes great cuisine.

Wildlife Kenya Safaris

Wildlife Kenya Safaris is an excellent Mombasa-based Kenya safari tour company. Wildlife Kenya Safaris offers safari tours from both Mombasa and Nairobi. Their services are well-priced and provide excellent value for money. Sammy is a knowledgable guide who tells great stories while driving through the Kenyan game reserves.

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