Jomo Kenyatta Airport Nairobi
Flight to Jomo Kenyatta Airport

Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi is Kenya’s large international airport. It is one of two airports in Nairobi, the other being Wilson Airport, which mainly serves domestic flights and safari flights in Kenya.

Jomo Kenyatta Airport is a hub for international flights to Kenya and Africa. Served from all over the world by airlines like British Airways, KLM, Delta, and others, Jomo Kenyatta Airport is an important regional connecting airport in Africa.

Jomo Kenyatta Airport Tips
The Nairobi airport security measures can be extremely time-consuming, so make sure to leave plenty of time when traveling. Arriving two hours prior to international flights is a good idea, as you will have to go through security at least twice before you board your plane.

Keep in mind that some regional airlines in Kenya (Precision Air in particular) overbook all of their flights and regularly bump passengers to later flights. Make sure to arrive at the airport extra early to ensure your place on the plane.

When you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta Airport on a long haul flight, there are often long lines at customs and and the Kenya visa desk. If you want to avoid the queues, go down the hallway to your right or left to get to the other customs and visa area. You will pass by the Kenya Airways lounge, a prayer room, and some airport health offices, and then you will see an identical customs area to the one where you were originally waiting, only the lines will be a lot shorter.

Nairobi Airport Layout
Jomo Kenyatta Airport has several terminals, called Units. There is a domestic unit and several international units that are divided by airlines. All units are in walking distance of one another.

Jomo Kenyatta Car Hire
There are both international and domestic car hire options from Nairobi airport. For a list of car rental companies and prices, click here.

Jomo Kenyatta Buses and Public Transport
There are buses that go from Nairobi airport to the city center throughout the day. Buses depart from outside the terminal buildings. Note that there are many stops along the way, so if you are in a hurry, a bus is not the best transport option.

Taxis from Jomo Kenyatta Airport
There are both official and unofficial taxis at Jomo Kenyatta Airport.  See the Nairobi airport taxis page for for additional information.

Jomo Kenyatta Airport Shopping and Restaurants
There are plenty of shops in the Nairobi airport, including Duty Free shops selling everything from Tusker t-shirts to jewellery to Amarula. Alcohol prices are higher than the average Duty Free prices, but are better than prices outside the airport.

Restaurants abound both inside and outside the airport. Simba Restaurant on the fifth floor of Jomo Kenyatta Airport is a good place for a meal if you have a long layover. Their buffet lunch is particularly good.

There is also a Starbucks-style coffee shop at one end of the international unit at Nairobi airport.