Enjoy An Authentic Cultural Experience in Rwanda

Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes national park is one of the outstanding adventures in Rwanda though the country is also rich in history, culture and traditions and when it comes to wildlife Rwanda is packed with other wildlife and nature which makes it unique tourism destination in Africa. Get a chance to experience not only the nature but also the daily life, habits, cultural traditions & local community efforts will opens the beauty of Rwanda to the world. It’s good to explore the countries culture in depth in a very new destination you visit, see what Rwanda has when it comes to a culture tour in Rwanda.

Kigali city

Rwanda capital has always been a start point for all culture tours in the country. The cleanest safe city is surrounded by green hills which embrace the natural beauty of the land of 1000 hills. Many cultural sites are found in Kigali one of the reasons as to why many visitors to the country can’t miss to take a ride around the city. Cultural attractions in Kigali include the 1994 Gisozi Genocide Memorial site a centre of genocide memories, Kigali Museum a place of history, the artisan shopping centre feel at home with locals. By any standard Kigali is an excellent city to dine in style since it supports numerous restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets.

The famous King’s Palace in Nyanza

This was a residential home of King Mutara III Rudahigwa found in Nyanza 87kms from Kigali the city centre. Get fast hand details of the Rwandan traditional seat of their monarchy plus its remarkable museum. Stories confirms that the palace was rebuilt in the old version state of 19th century as assign of keeping cultural norms for the future generation.Traditional Cows known as Inyambo are also found out side the palace as assign of royalty. Visit the burial grounds of King Mutara III and his wife Queen Rosalie Gicanda at Mwima hill if time permits. The art museum at Rwesero is another place to unveil more within the Rwanda culture without forgetting the National Museum of Rwanda, which provide you with a deeper insight into Rwandan history and culture.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village

A village of unity in Rwanda full of different cultural activities like,interactive experience, learn all about Rwandan traditions, culture, song and dance, participate in local dances and drumming, wear traditional local “Umushanana” dress; shooting arrows,attend a traditional healer’s medicine show, sample local foods and banana beer , visit a local household or school. Among others.All this is done just at the footsteps of Volcanoes national park famous for mountain Gorillas. However if the culture experience is joined to other adventures like Chimpanzee tracking, birding watching, Gorilla tracking your visit will make a difference not only to you but to the entire community of Rwanda.






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