Emerson & Green Hotel Zanzibar

Emerson & Green Hotel, Zanzibar
Address: 236 Hurumzi Street, Zanzibar Tanzania
Phone: 255-(0)77-7423266

Situated in the heart of Stone Town, the Emerson & Green Hotel in Zanzibar is one of the best hotels in Tanzania. Located in the second tallest building in the city in what was formerly the residence of the wealthiest family in the Swahili Empire, the Emerson & Green Hotel still retains its luxurious feel.

Each of the 10 guest rooms in the Emerson & Green Hotel in Zanzibar is uniquely fitted with original Zanzibar antiques, and the hotel has an authentically Zanzibari feel. The new “Peace of Love” wing boasts gorgeous new rooms, most of which have balconies with beautiful sea views.

Emerson & Green is also home to the famous Tower Top Restaurant, one of Zanzibar’s best restaurants. With ocean views to match the food, Tower Top Restaurant is well worth a visit, even if you’re not staying at Emerson & Green hotel in Zanzibar.







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